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Digital Privacy Policy

Version: July 2023

Body and Mind Physiotherapy Limited

Digital Privacy Policy July 2023

What is the purpose of our Digital Privacy Policy?

Our website advises you of the services we provide, the therapy staff who may look after you and the classes that we run. Our website can enable you to contact us via email to make enquiries about future care needs. In order for us to provide you with information about our services, we may need to collect personal information about you. We want you to u se our website and services safe in the knowledge that any personal information you give us is held in accordance with the law.

Our Privacy Policy will outline:

  • What personal information we collect about you when you use the website
  • How we use your personal information 
  • Who we may share your personal information with
  • How long we keep your personal information
  • What we do to protect your personal information
  • What choices you have in relation to your personal information

This website is owned and operated by Body and Mind Physiotherapy Limited. We last updated this Privacy

The information on this page can be downloaded here Digital Privacy Policy pdf