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With the return of golf imminently on the horizon and with the Spring weather improving, we will all be dusting off the clubs, cleaning the balls and digging around in the garage for your tees. It is indeed an exciting time and an important time to ensure your body is ready for the challenge ahead.

As its been a long break from golf, ease your way into it.  There is no need to be a hero on the first day. Start with a small bucket at the range and work on hitting quality shots then trying to rifle your way through a large bucket of balls.

Begin your warm up by stretching and taking controlled practice swings. You will be using muscles you haven’t used in a while and aim to begin your range session with a wedge and work up towards your driver.

Reterun to Golf2
Reterun to Golf1


Golf has very specific movements and requires very specific exercises to ensure we prevent injury. We can ensure that we are prepared to take on these movements and as usual preparation is key!

There are many ways to ensure we are “golf ready”.

  • Practice your swing indoors.
  • Try my strengthening exercises with a resistance band in the week leading up to your return to play.
  • Prepare before your round with golf specific stretches on the day.
  • Hit some balls on the range a week before heading out onto the course for 18 holes.
  • Play 9 holes on your first return to the course.


Hopefully you have found these tips useful? Please give the exercises from the video a go as they really do help to prevent common golfing injuries. They are also designed to optimize your golf swing and help you gain distance and accuracy on the course. Of course, the most important aspect is to have fun and enjoy being back on the course.

If you have any pre-existing or new golfing related injuries, please contact here to book in a physiotherapy session where we offer specialist golf profiling.


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