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Golf Profiling

Golf Profiling

Musculoskeletal Profiling


Over the last few years fitness in Golf has improved and it has been recognised as an important way to improve a swing, enhance performance and lower that handicap. Golf professionals at national level and increasingly at local level have been working in conjunction with physios to improve the fitness and performance of their players.

What if a golf player is unable to adopt the posture or gain the body position advised by their golf pro and more importantly why can’t the player do it?

If these problems remain consistent despite the player and golf professional’s best effort, they are often referred to us for ‘musculoskeletal profiling’.

Musculoskeletal profiling is the analysis of a golfer’s flexibility, stability and strength. In many cases the player may simply lack the necessary flexibility, strength or co-ordination, all factors which can be improved quickly and simply with the correct rehab program.

What we do:

  • We now know the importance of injury prevention, and working alongside your coaches or teachers we can ensure the best outcomes.
  • Using a functional scale, we will assess the athlete, highlight potential risk areas, develop a structured programme of exercises and stretches and monitor at regular intervals.

We start by asking you a number of questions about you and your golf history. Posture, flexibility and movement are then analysed to determine if there are any physical restrictions that are preventing the body getting the club in the most optimal positions in the golf swing. The swing must be reproduced consistently for good performance.  If tightness or weakness cause problems with movement, then this can cause swing inconsistencies.

A profile will highlight your physical deficiencies so that you can focus and tackle the areas that you need to work on. We can then develop custom made programmes for you that is golf specific and can improve your performance.