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Guillain Barré Syndrome

Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS) is a very rare neurological condition, where nerves are affected causing loss of sensation and muscle weakness. GBS is thought to be triggered by an infection which then causes the body ‘s immune system to attack it’s own nerves. In most cases, the symptoms improve and resolve over time and with specialist neurological rehabilitation.

Body and Mind Physiotherapy offer skilled specialist physiotherapy for patients following GBS. We have experience treating patients as in-patients when acutely unwell, through to outpatient and community clinics.

We are committed to finding out what will motivate you to achieve your goals, and will progress your exercises accordingly.

Our aim is to rehabilitate you back to an active lifestyle and improve your quality of life again.


We will tailor your rehabilitation following GBS to match your ability at different stages of your rehabilitation.

Body and Mind Physiotherapy can help recovery from GBS by:

  • Increasing your muscle strength and stamina through exercise
  • Increase your flexibility with stretching programs
  • Improving your balance and reducing your risk of falls.
  • Improving your mobility and stamina.
  • Assessing for appropriate walking aids and/or splints if required.
  • Establishing realistic goals to gradually increase your independence.
  • Providing you with strategies to help manage fatigue.

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