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Gymnastic Profiling and Performing Arts

Here at Body and Mind Physiotherapy we have developed assessment tools to allow gymnasts and children attending classes in the performing arts to perform at their optimal level, monitor progress physically as the athlete grows and prevent overload injuries.

With such a physically demanding sport, requiring strength, power and flexibility, it is vital we monitor and develop our gymnasts and performing arts students to enhance performance and prevent injury.

For many years children have attended classes and increased their load on the body.  In the past, this has not been monitored and has led to injury. This in turn decreases training time and can create a long recovery process.

What we do:

  • We now know the importance of injury prevention, and working alongside your coaches or teachers we can ensure the best outcomes.
  • Using a functional scale, we will assess the athlete, highlight potential risk areas, develop a structured programme of exercises and stretches and monitor at regular intervals.

We work together with local clubs (Flex Gymnastics) and have previous experience working with athletes from a number of dance schools including Summerscales dance school and Italia Conti. We also have links with the world famous Cirque Du Soleil working closely with one of their coaches.

Keen to prevent injury and enhance performance? Give us a call today.