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Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a progressive neurological condition where there is loss of a nerve signal (dopamine) in the brain. This loss of dopamine causes symptoms of tremor, muscle stiffness and slowness in movements. Parkinson’s disease can cause changes in posture, which will have an impact on your walking pattern, balance and increase your risk of falls.

Best practice clinical guidelines recommend physiotherapy in conjunction to medical management in treating Parkinson’s Disease. Body and Mind Physiotherapists are specialized private neurological physiotherapists who offer evidence based physiotherapy for Parkinson’s Disease patients to suit their individual needs.

We want to keep you active and participating in interests that matter to you and build on your confidence whatever your needs.

Physiotherapy for Parkinson’s Disease patients may involve maintaining flexibility and posture, training our balance to prevent falls and also dynamic cognitive and coordination exercises to maintain our body’s ability to respond quickly.

Body and Mind Physiotherapists recognise coming to terms with a long-term condition can be very daunting. We are experienced in looking after our patients welfare from the very beginning of their Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, and will support them throughout their difficulties as they arise.

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