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A stroke can be a very serious neurological condition where the blood supply to the brain is cut off. A stroke may cause a stroke victim to have varying degrees of paralysis, sensory loss, balance and walking impairments and changes in their cognitive ‘thinking’ skills. A high percentage of people who have had a stroke, will go on to improve physically and mentally through physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy after a stroke is highly recommended according to the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) clinical guidelines. Body and Mind Physiotherapists are experienced in treating stroke victims from hospital through to longer term rehabilitation at home.

We care personally about getting the best recovery for our stroke patients.


Body and Mind Physiotherapists will provide specific hands-on physiotherapy and exercises for stroke patients at home. Physiotherapy exercises for stroke patients are important in a stroke patients recovery. We will work together to identify specific goals and offer a realistic timeframe to achieve these goals. Physiotherapy home visits are a desired method to treat stroke patients in an environment that is familiar and meaningful to them.

Body and Mind Physiotherapists will support stroke patients and their families to achieve their potential of maximum recovery.

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