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Acquired Brain Injuries

Acquired Brain Injuries (ABIs) are injuries to the brain that occur after birth. There may be physical, cognitive (thinking skills) and emotional symptoms following an acquired brain injury. Specialist neurological physiotherapy can help treat these symptoms.

Body and Mind Physiotherapy can offer specialist neuro physiotherapy to treat brain injuries, as they are experienced in understanding the complexity of brain injury symptoms.

Our Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy service to treat Acquired Brain Injuries may help by:

  • Strengthening any areas of weakness.
  • Improving sensation.
  • Improving mobility and assessing for appropriate walking aids or splints if required.
  • Improving balance and reducing risk of falls.
  • Reducing pain from muscle spasms.
  • Working together to find new goals.

Body and Mind Physiotherapy want to help you unlock your potential with your rehabilitation following a brain injury.

We adopt a personalized approach and will work closely with you and those close to you, to help you achieve your goals.

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